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We deliver scientific, economic and societal value for Luxembourg by performing research and development in the fields of sports medicine, sports science, sports surgery and sports rehabilitation, summarized as sports-related research.


13 Dec

Conference: Physical activity at work

Next conference about ‘Physical activity at work’ with Pieter Coenen, PhD, organized by, Sport-Santé and GIMB Gesond iessen, Méi beweegen is taking place on wednesday 13th of december in d’Coque.In collaboration with Luxembourg Institute of Research in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine & Science, Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg, Comité Olympique et Sportif Luxembourgeois Luxembourg Institute for High Performance in Sports, @SLMS, Ministère des Sports Luxembourg


Actualités Team Lëtzebuerg

LIROMS well represented on the Team Letzebuerg Evening.


The evening was an opportunity to look back on the year's sporting events and celebrate successes of the competitions across Europe. The reception was an opportunity for the Head of State to appreciate the determination of the athletes who have made it to the top of the 10,500 qualifiers.




Visit of students of the GOTS Master course on topics concerning clinical biomechanics

Professor Jan Cabri honored by Portuguese Order of Physiotherapists