19 May
20 May

37 GOTS Congress

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20 May

The impact of COVID on athletes - S-Training/ Webinar with Evi Wezenbeek from Ghent University

The impact of COVID on athletes Although we had all hoped that the Corona pandemic would have come to an end by now, unfortunately it continues to plague society. The impact of COVID on sports and certainly on sports practitioners (athletes) remains large. In this training we will therefore discuss the impact of a SARS-CoV-2 infection on the various systems in the body (cardiovascular, muscular, etc) and both the short- and long-term effects will be explained. This training will be based on a literature overview and our own research results in this area will be presented as well. The zoom link is https://tu-dortmund.zoom.us/j/96382773753?pwd=bnduZi9LY2g5c25YZlFZaE1NYmJkZz09
08 Jun

Physiological factors affecting human perfomances - Prof. Carlo Capelli MD, PhD Verona University

06 Jul
09 Jul

International Congress 'The Meniscus' 2022

5th International Conference on Meniscus Science and Surgery Link to the Meniscus Congress website.