19 Jan

Journée des Jeunes Chercheurs ReFORM – 2ème édition

Le 19 janvier 2023, ReFORM organisera sa 2ème Journée des Jeunes Chercheurs. Lors de cette rencontre virtuelle, des étudiants, (post-)doctorants, assistants et internes auront l’opportunité de présenter l’état actuel de leurs travaux de recherche à l’ensemble du consortium international. Cet évènement a pour but de permettre à ces jeunes chercheurs d’obtenir un feedback bienveillant de la part de leurs pairs, basé sur les expériences individuelles et collectives. Informations pratiques. Le 19 janvier 2023, de 14 à 17h . Plateforme Zoom (un lien vous sera envoyé quelques jours avant l’évènement). Appel à communication ouvert jusqu’au 2 décembre 2022. Abstract de 300 mots maximum, avec la structure suivante : Introduction, Objectifs, Méthodologie, Résultats, Conclusion. . Thématique : Prévention des blessures dans le Sport . En français ou en anglais . Informations et envoi : contact@reform-sportscimed.org . 2ème Journée des Jeunes Chercheurs Page web
25 Jan

Motorized resistance technology – from rehab to performance - Prof. Ola Eriksrud, PhD, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo

Sports science lecture Free to attend Professor Ola Eriksrud, PhD - Norwegian School of Sport Sciences Oslo, Department of Physical Performance Lecturer in anatomy, biomechanics, exercise science and motor control. Academic responsibility for THP101 Functional anatomy and THP203 Basic Biomechanics. Area of responsibility Anatomy and biomechanics. Research Applied biomechanics, exercise science and motor control. Short biography BSc in Physiotherapy (1999) and MSc in Physiotherapy (2000) from the University of Connecticut. PhD in Sport Science (2019) from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Adjunct faculty member of the University of Connecticut (2003-2005). Consultant with the National Olympic and Paralympic Commitee (Olympiatoppen) (2009 to present) and basketball coach. Research and development of 1080 Motion and 1080 MAP. About the lecture High performance environments are always seeking competitive advantages. One piece of this puzzle has been motorized resistance technology, which has allowed us to target movement patterns ranging from isolated joint to full kinematic chain movement patterns, as well as linear sprint and change of direction. This presentation will cover a framework of how we systematically apply and take advantage of this technology for testing, rehabilitation and training purposes with examples from a variety of sports at the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.
08 Mar

Injury risk in leisure-time runners: does the shoe really matter? - Laurent Malisoux, PhD - Luxembourg Institute of Health

Sports science lecture Free to attend Laurent MALISOUX, PhD Physical Activity, Sport & Health research group Department of Precision Health Luxembourg Institute of Health Laurent Malisoux, PhD is the leader of the Physical Activity, Sport & Health research group (department of Precision Health) of the Luxembourg Institute of Health. His main fields of expertise are sports injury prevention, running biomechanics, physical activity assessment and exercise physiology. Laurent completed his PhD in 2006 at UCLouvain (Belgium), focusing on the impact of training and unloading on contractile properties of single human muscle fibres. After having work a few years in Switzerland for a private company specialised in human performance evaluation, training and rehabilitation, he got a grant in Luxembourg for a post-doc project on injury prevention in youth sport. Over the last years, he focused his research activities on the prevention of running-related injuries, as well as on the objective measurement of physical activity in the general population. Amongst others, he conducted three randomised trials investigating the effect of specific shoe features on injury risk in leisure-time runners. These projects relied on both epidemiological and biomechanical approaches. Laurent is Associated Editor of the European Journal of Sports Science.
15 Jun
17 Jun

38 Jahreskongress GOTS

Zum ersten Mal findet der Kongress außerhalb der drei GOTS-Gründungsländer statt. Entsprechend dem Leitbild der GOTS möchten wir die Aus- und Weiterbildung, die Forschung sowie den nationalen und internationalen Informationstransfer unter sportorthopädisch und sporttraumatologisch tätigen Mediziner*innen und Berufsgruppen aller angrenzenden Fachgebiete fördern. Neben dem wissenschaftlichen und fachlichen Austausch halten wir die freundschaftliche und konstruktive Diskussion im persönlichen Miteinander für besonders wertvoll und möchten sie in gewohnter Weise aufleben lassen. In Luxemburg erwartet Sie eine vielfältige und spannende Themenauswahl mit zahlreichen Highlights und Specials. GOTS Kongress Webseite
24 Nov
25 Nov


After a successful first edition in Madrid in 2019 we are again looking forward to a dynamic two days of scientific exchange and networking of the highest quality with four top-class scientific programmes all under one roof! Our specialist Sections will present cutting-edge science in their respective domains and our brand new section EHPA – European Hip Preservation Associates – will join Speciality Days for the first time adding a new and exciting scientific dimension to the meeting. AFAS – Ankle and Foot Associates, EKA – European Knee Associates, ESA – European Shoulder Associates and ESMA – European Sports Medicine Associates, in collaboration with EHPA, will build on the successfully piloted programme structure from the first edition. Each programme track will be distinct and specialised but all breaks will be shared allowing the representative delegates of the different disciplines to mingle. ESSKA Speciality Days Webpage