21 Jan

Webinar : Safe Sport

The French-speaking Olympic Network for Research in Sports Medicine (ReFORM) is pleased to invite you to its next webinar which will take place on Friday, January 21st from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The theme is Safe Sport and we are honored to welcome a panel of renowned speakers: Dr. Margo Mountjoy (McMaster University), Ms. Fabienne Bourdais (French Ministry of Sports), Dr. Sylvie Parent (Chair of Research on Safety and Integrity in Sport) and many others! The interventions in the first part will be followed by a time of questions and answers as well as a round table in the second part.The objective of this meeting is to share our international and multicultural experiences in order to work together to provide a healthy environment for all athletes. More info
24 Feb

Role of sleep in recovery of athletes - Dr Mathieu Nédélec

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23 Mar

Groin injuries in athletes - diagnosis, treatment and prevention

Colloquia organised by the Luxembourg Academy of Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy & Science Joar Haroy defended his PhD thesis «Groin injuries among football players : A substantial but preventable problem» at Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center, November 2018. He is a former elite football player and has a lot of experience as a physiotherapist for Norway national youth football teams. Joar currently works at Idrettens Helsesenter as a physiotherapist with hip and groin problems as a speciality.
23 Apr

MFYS Sport Injury Seminar

Prof. Dr. Seil and Prof. Dr. Cabri will participate to the MFYS Sport Injury Seminar in Brussels on April 23th. More info
27 Apr
29 Apr

20th ESSKA Congress

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19 May
20 May

37 GOTS Congress

More information: GOTS CONGRESS
20 May

The impact of COVID on athletes - S-Training/ Webinar with Evi Wezenbeek from Ghent University

The impact of COVID on athletes Although we had all hoped that the Corona pandemic would have come to an end by now, unfortunately it continues to plague society. The impact of COVID on sports and certainly on sports practitioners (athletes) remains large. In this training we will therefore discuss the impact of a SARS-CoV-2 infection on the various systems in the body (cardiovascular, muscular, etc) and both the short- and long-term effects will be explained. This training will be based on a literature overview and our own research results in this area will be presented as well. The zoom link is https://tu-dortmund.zoom.us/j/96382773753?pwd=bnduZi9LY2g5c25YZlFZaE1NYmJkZz09
08 Jun

Physiological factors affecting human perfomances - Prof. Carlo Capelli MD, PhD Verona University

06 Jul
09 Jul

International Congress 'The Meniscus' 2022

5th International Conference on Meniscus Science and Surgery Link to the Meniscus Congress website.
06 Jul


SAUVONS LES MÉNISQUES ET PRÉVENONS L’ARTHROSE DU GENOU Il y a 12 ans, les professeurs Philippe Beaufils de Versailles et René Verdonk de Gand ont initié le seul congrès au monde qui soit exclusivement dédié à la science et à la chirurgie des ménisques, les amortisseurs du genou. Il s’agit d’un congrès itinérant que nous avons l’honneur d’accueillir cette année pour sa 5e édition à Luxembourg. Ces deux pionniers sont mondialement connus pour leur travaux scientifiques sur les réparations et les greffes méniscales. Lors d’une CONFÉRENCE GRAND PUBLIC, ils tenteront de répondre aux questions que beaucoup de patients souffrant de cette pathologie orthopédique parmi les plus fréquentes peuvent se poser : C’est quoi un ménisque et quelle est son importance ? . Quand survient une blessure méniscale ? . Quels en sont les symptômes ? . Comment la traiter : faut-il opérer et si oui, comment ? . Pourquoi l’ablation méniscale n’est-elle plus systématique aujourd’hui ? . Quelles sont les avancées chirurgicales les plus récentes ? . More information
14 Sep
16 Sep

Congrès national de médecine et traumatologie du sport

Après un congrès parisien qui a pu se tenir dans de bonnes conditions malgré le contexte sanitaire au beffroi de Montrouge, Les sociétés organisatrices, la Société française de médecine de l’exercice et du sport (SFMES) et la Société française de traumatologie du sport (SFTS) vous accueillent dans un endroit tout aussi sympathique dans le palais des congrès de Nancy. More information
28 Sep

The link between physical and mental fatigue - Prof. Bart Roelands , PhD (Vrije Universiteit Bruessels, Belgium)

Sports science lecture on the role of physical and mental fatigue in sports Free to attend - Covid Check at entry (vaccinated, tested or recovered - checked via the QR code of your covid check certificate.Bart Roelands is a Professor at the Human Physiology and Sports Physiotherapy Research Group of the faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.Research interests: Physical fatigue, thermoregulation and brain neurotransmission during prolonged exercise.Every athlete will experience fatigue on a regular basis. It may be fatigue because of a short term intensive exercise such as a 200m sprint, or the fatigue experienced by a triathlete after an 11 hour race. In exercise physiology fatigue can be defined as an acute impairment of exercise performance which leads to an inability to produce maximal force output possible due to metabolite accumulation or substrate depletion. The processes that lead to decrements in performance can occur at every level of the brain-muscle pathway and although literature made a distinction between peripheral and central fatigue, one should be aware that both pathways are integrated. This line of research focuses on the central (brain and its neurotransmitters) component of fatigue.Mental fatigue and physical and cognitive capacity. The study of mental fatigue combines aspects of both exercise physiology and psychology and as such might prove to be a valuable asset in the search for mechanisms of fatigue in sports science. This line of mental fatigue attempts to provide some further insights in the mechanisms behind the underperformance on physical/cognitive tasks following the execution of a prolonged demanding cognitive task
14 Oct
15 Oct

Symposium – Prévention des blessures dans le sport

ReFORM organisera son second symposium sur la “Prévention des blessures dans le Sport » à Luxembourg, les 14 et 15 octobre prochains. Avis aux médecins, étudiants(es) et autres professionnels(elles) impliqué(e)s dans le suivi des sportif(ve)s. Les participants(es) bénéficieront d’une approche scientifique globale consacrée à la prévention des lésions ainsi qu’à la surveillance épidémiologique. More information