20 Jan

Biomechical assessment of running performance: Webinar

Sports medical webinar on "Biomechanical assessment of running performance" by P. Gette, R. Krecké, and Prof J. Cabri, PhD (LIROMS/CHL/LIH, Luxembourg). Webinar link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5792219602. Limited access to 100 people on first come first-served basis.
30 Jan

Meniscus News

In order to support our younger colleagues who submitted their scientific abstracts, we will select the 5 best papers which will be presented in a webinar on Saturday January 30th from 2 to 4 pm CET. In the same webinar called MENISCUS NEWS, we will also present some interesting new collaborative work on meniscus science and surgery with the support of ESSKA. We will release the final program of this online event during the coming weeks.Mark your calendars for the MENISCUS NEWS webinar in January 2021 and looking forward meeting you in Luxembourg for THE MENISCUS 2022.
10 Feb

Reinforcement musculaire et santé: bases et applications cliniques

Webinar presented by Patrick Feiereisen, PhD on Wednesday, 10 Feb at 17h30. His talk will be in French on strength training and health. Patrick Feiereisen, PhD, is currently consultant for research at the health care department of the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL). He acts also as the head of the physiotherapy unit of the CHL. His research interests focus on optimal training modalities in cardiac patients, especially resistive strength training. The link to the webinar will be available in the days leading up to the event, no registration is required (the webinar is limited to 100 participants on a first-come, first-served basis).
17 Feb

GOTS Ortho SportsMed webinar series

GOTS launches Ortho SportsMed webinar series. The GOTS is launching a permanent webinar series on orthopedic topics in sports medicine and outside the box. The online events are for surgeons, orthopedists, sports doctors, coaches, scientists, physiotherapists and medical students. Top-class speakers from Europe report from their daily clinical life, from science and research, from practical activity. Topics range from joint injuries, tendons, ligaments, cartilage damage, muscles, concussion to spine. It's about diagnostics, latest therapies, prevention, childhood sports injuries and much more. The first webinar will be held on Wednesday, February 17., 2021 To register: https://www.gots.at/webinar%2001-21/webinar01-basic.html
26 Feb


Save the date for the first edition of ReFORM PhD day where young researchers from different centers will present their work. Students and PhD scholars will present and discuss their work with the ReFORM consortium. Link: https://reform-sportscimed.org/
03 Mar

Conference: The Management of post Covid 19 patients

A conference on the topic 'The Management of post Covid 19 Patients' was held on Wednesday March 3, 2021 online and in person. It was organized in collaboration with the Society of Medical Sciences of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Prof Dr Axel Urhausen from Médecine du Sport was invited to speak. The video recordings can be assessed at : https://vimeo.com/showcase/8211358 Full programme can be found here: https://www.chl.lu/fr/actualites/videos-conference-prise-en-charge-des-patients-post-covid-19