This state-of-the-art infrastructure is the result of a joint initiative by the Ministry of Sport, the City of Differdange, the Comité Olympique et Sportif Luxembourgeois (COSL) and the Luxembourg Olympic Medical Centre (CMOL), and places Luxembourg at the forefront of movement analysis, injury prevention and return to sport for top athletes in Europe.

Managed by the Luxembourg Institute for High Performance in Sports (LIHPS), in collaboration with its scientific partner the Luxembourg Institute of Research in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Science (LIROMS), the biomechanical movement laboratory of the SportFabrik aims to promote high-level sport, sports medicine and sports science.

Under the responsibility of the Ministry of Sports and in accordance with the plans of the Luxembourg government programme 2018-2023, the "Sportfabrik" movement analysis laboratory is intended to become a centre of innovation and high technology at the highest international level for Luxembourg athletes in order to improve their sporting performance and prevent overuse injuries and lesions. Under the direction of Prof. Jan Cabri, the LIROMS team was one of the main driving forces behind the monitoring and implementation of the Sportfabrik's movement laboratories. LIROMS contributed its expertise to the design, planning and installation of the scientific equipment, coordinating the work of the public and private partners involved. Meetings were held in Differdange with the various trade bodies, staff from the Ministry of Sport and the LIHPS to coordinate the laboratory work, take delivery, install the equipment and implement the scientific methods for testing athletes.