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08 May
10 May

21st ESSKA Congress 2024

21st edition of the ESSKA Congress in Milan, 8-10 May, 2024. ESSKA brings the Congress to Milan under the theme of Science Meets Art. This theme celebrates the rich artistic and scientific excellence that runs deep through every layer of this City and the Nation of Italy. More information
15 May

Paralympic classification: exploring the boundaries of participation (EN)

Prof. Dr Anja Hirschmüller (ALTIUS Swiss Sportmed Center) & Prof. Dr Yves Vanlandewyck (KU Leuven) 17h30-19h30 ORGANISATION › Organisé par l'Académie Luxembourgeoise de médecine, de kinésithérapie et des sciences du sport - Luxembourg academy of sports medecine, physiotherapy & science


Sexual violence in sports: the essentials

Sexual violence in sports: the essentials

Original title: Les violences sexuelles et sport : l’essentiel pour agir

LIROMS is honored to announce the forthcoming publication, on June 12th, of a book on sexual violence in sport, to which Dr. Katy Moreels, member of LIHPS and the COSL medical and scientific commission, has contributed with a chapter entitled: Bio-psycho-social conceptual model of violence in sport: to better understand, detect and act. The book is published in French by Elsevier Masson and it has been edited by Drs. Olivier Coste and Philippe Liotard from France. It is the fruit of their nearly 25 years' experience on this subject and brings together 35 contributors. It offers an original multidisciplinary approach to sexual violence in sport, integrating it with available data on other forms of violence and other fields. It is aimed at those involved in the world of sports (coaches, educators, healthcare professionals) as well as athletes and their parents. More than thirty authors from France and abroad provide food for thought in three sections: 1) definitions and mechanisms, 2) recognizing, listening and reporting, 3) action plan, prevention and training. The covered aspects will enable readers to increase the effectiveness of their actions through a better understanding of the issues and the logic behind this type of violence. 


Vacancy: clinical gait and movement specialist

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries in elite ski jumping reliably allow return to competition but severely affect future top performance