Paul Gette

Scientific Collaborator, LIHPS

Mr Paul Gette is a highly experienced professional in the collection, treatment and management of scientific data, especially related to clinical movement analysis. He is an expert for state-of-the-art and upcoming research methodologies and technologies used in and outside of biomechanics laboratories. Holding a degree in Health Technology Managagent (Appolon University of Bremen), he is highly accomplished in designing and equipping biomechanics laboratories and a respected specialist in 2D and 3D marker-based and force plate-based motion capture equipment.

Mr. Gette has specialized in clinical trials, data collection, data analysis and experimental procedures with both, patients and able-bodied. He performs kinematic and kinetic analyses of gait, running and other functional tests including in particular those related to injuries, diseases and treatments related to the knee. He is a strongly involved contributor and author of scientific papers and conference presentations and is currently active at the biomechanics laboratory of SportFabrik, the diagnostic center of LIHPS (Luxemburg Institute for High Performance in Sports).