Dr Pietro Spennacchio

Scientific Collaborator, CHL

Dr Spennacchio studied medicine in Milan and trained in Orthopedic and Traumatology specialty at the University of Milan and French Universities of Montpellier and Grenoble. He completed his training in 2008 at the Milan University of Medical Studies with a thesis on the long term results of the surgical treatment of severe shoulder fractures.

He completed in 2006 an 8 months SIA (Italian Society of Arthroscopy) -accredited fellowship on Shoulder arthroscopy at the French ALPS Surgery Institute directed by Dr Lafosse, in 2008 a 6-months fellowship on Hindfoot and Ankle arthroscopy at the University Orthopedic Department of Amsterdam mentored by Prof Van Dijk, and in 2011 a 6 months fellowship on Foot and Ankle surgery with Doctor Maestro at the IM2S clinic at Monaco Principality.

Doctor Spennacchio works as an orthopaedic surgeon at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg since March 2016. His main areas of clinical activity are Foot and Ankle pathology and Shoulder pathology with special dedication to the arthroscopic techniques and orthopedic sports medicine with a special interest on instability pathology of the ankle and shoulder,.

He authored during the years several scientific publications in peer reviewed journals and book chapters, focusing on Foot and ankle and Shoulder pathology.

He is board member of the Foot and Ankle Section (AFAS) of the European Orthopedic ESSKA Society since 2016, and currently holds the position of general secretary for 2020-22. He is a board member of the Foot and Ankle Committee of the Italian Orthopedic Soxciety SIAGASCOT since 2018.

His scientific work deals with the study and the development of evaluation modalities for ankle pathology, in particular the assessment of stabilization procedures for ankle instability.