ESSKA Newsletter Dec 2020


Read the latest news from ESSKA in the December issue of their quarterly newsletter.

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In this issue, there are a number of interesting articles, including:

3. ESSKA President Jacques Menetrey’s Editorial: News from the Society
4. 19th ESSKA Congress GOES VIRTUAL - 11-15 May 2021
10. Tips and Tricks for Young Reviewers
14. Pillar of ESSKA: Romain Seil
18. ESSKA Sections looking forward to 2021
27. ESSKA Speciality Days - 3-4 September 2021 in Warsaw, Poland
35. ESSKA Webinars scheduled for 2021-2022
48. 2020 update of Medial meniscus ramp lesions; difficult to diagnose but vital to repair
50. 3D Navigation Model for Diagnosis and Treatment of the Elbow Bony Impingement
...and much more!