KSSTA Editorial Published, ‘From Meniscal resection to meniscal repair: a journey of the last decade’


Authors: Roland Becker, Sebastian Kopf, Romain Seil, Michael T. Hirschmann, Philippe Beaufils, Jon Karlsson  

The last decade has shed some light on the darkness surrounding the treatment of meniscal injuries. A significant amount of work has been done in order to provide a more scientific approach to the treatment of the injured meniscus.

Degenerative meniscal lesions and traumatic meniscal tears differ in terms of aetiology and pathology and require differentiated diagnostic algorithms and treatments. A new terminology has, therefore, been defined by the ESSKA meniscus concensus project. A traumatic meniscal tear is caused by an acute and sufficiently serious trauma to the knee. In contrast, a degenerative meniscal lesion occurs due to repetitive minor injuries and lacks a sufficiently serious single trauma.

This editorial shows that the scope of the meniscus repair is greater than before and there is still a need for both more basic scince and clinical research in order to identify the best practice when treating different meniscal pathologies.


Editorial 'from meniscal resection to meniscal repair'