Primary prevention of sports injuries and overuse


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Tischer T., Besenius E., Lutter C., Seil R. Primärprävention von Sportverletzungen und -schäden. Sports Orthop. Traumatol. 37, 4–9 (2021)

Sport is an important part of our society and has far-reaching positive effects on our health. Unfortunately, some of these positive effects are lost again due to sports injuries. In the meantime, the evidence of prevention programs to avoid sports injuries in knee, hip, ankle and shoulder is well documented. The data is greatest for the knee joint, where up to 67% of anterior cruciate ligament injuries can be avoided in adolescents and young female adults. The shoulder is still the least studied area, where there are only a few randomized studies, but which could also show a significant reduction in injuries. Thus, the main challenge is to implement prevention programs in the daily training of athletes, while at the same time improving the registration of sports injuries and the training of all players. In the future, new technologies (sensors, artificial intelligence) will certainly play an important role.