Release of the book on ‘Primary prevention of sports injuries’ after the success of GOTS Expert meeting 2019 in Luxembourg


In close collaboration with LIROMS, the German-speaking Orthopaedic and Traumatologic Society of Sports Medicine (GOTS) has continued the successful tradition of its expert meetings, which started in 2010.

At the 6th edition of GOTS expert meeting from 19-22 September 2019, in Canach (Luxembourg), organized under the direction of GOTS president Prof. Romain Seil, a group of 30 specialists from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, and The Netherlands, discussed the current status of primary prevention of sports injuries and illnesses. 

The majority of the experts were orthopaedic surgeons, but also sports scientists and physiotherapists, as well as German health insurance companies, were involved.

GOTS-Expertenmeeting Book

The book entitled ‘Primärprävention von Sportverletzungen’ summarizes the scientific research and new directions discussed during the aforementioned GOTS expert meeting. 

Sports injuries are seldomly systematically recorded and are not taken into account in their globality by the sport environment for various reasons not yet recognized. By applying specific training principles, sports injury prevention programmes have proven to reduce injuries by as much as 50%. However, implementation of these programmes remains difficult.

This issue intends to address the current state of the art of sports injury prevention, reaching from understanding of underlying sports-specific injury mechanisms, to possibilities of systematic recording of sports injuries; joint- and sports-specific prevention programmes; related current and future technology; as well as the necessary behavioural changes in the sports world under the motto “treating sports injuries is good, prevention is better”.


It is the first book of its kind in German. 

(Adapted from the Foreword of the editors Prof. Dr. Romain Seil, Prof. Dr. Thomas Tischer)

Organizers: Luxembourg Institute for Research in Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine and Science (LIROMS) and Gesellschaft für Orthopädisch-traumatologische Sportmedizin (GOTS)

Under the patronage of Center Hospitalier de Luxembourg – Clinique du Sport/EichLuxembourg Society of Sports Medicine (SLMS),  Luxembourg Institute for High Performance in Sports (LIHPS), and  Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH)