The 1st virtual Qualisys User Group Meeting took place on October 8th, 2020.


Qualisys users across Central Europe gathered at the virtual “Hopin” venue to share their work and experience on the topic ”Using motion capture to benefit researchers, clinicians and coaches – today and in the future”.

LIROMS representatives were amongst invited speakers for the session entitled “Functional Assessment”. Presentations covered the state of play in scientific and field-based motion capture approaches for athletes, coaches and medical teams working with them to assess athlete’s health and performance status. The panel discussion fostered in-deep conversations amongst peers, pinpointing current challenges and future opportunities of available and rising technologies. The LIROMS contribution was rewarded with positive echo and a burst of recurrent exchanges throughout the rest of the day in the event’s chat rooms. Honored by the invitation, the LIROMS team thanks the event organizers and attendees for this outstanding session.


qualisys running performance case study

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