Way for improvement: Primary survey on concussion knowledge of sports stakeholders in three European countries


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A.Thibaut, J.-F.Kaux, G.Marten, A.Urhausen, P.Tscholl,

D.Hannouche, S.Le Garrec, M.Crema, L.Winkler, J.Cabri, S.Leclerc


Evaluate knowledge on concussion management in three countries participating to the ReFORM group.


In this cross-sectional survey, the target population consisted of eighty-five participants of an educational conference on concussion's management given in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium in September 2019. Thirty-eight participants responded an online anonymous survey out of 85 (45%). They answered to 22 multiple choice questions regarding their knowledge on concussion diagnosis, management and treatment prior the conference. Two were excluded (not working in sport nor healthcare professionals). Participants were medical doctors (28%), healthcare professionals (41.5%), coaches (14%), physical trainers (5.5%), or stakeholders from different positions in sport (11%). Numbers of years working in sport varied from 34% > 15 years, 41% for 5–15 years and 25% for 0–4 years. Level of sport involved included recreational, international and professional athletes.


In total, 50% of the participants were not aware of international guidelines for the management of concussions, 76% and 83% were not familiar with the stepwise “return to sport” and “return to learn” protocols, respectively. Ninety-two percent responded that an education program for athletes would be necessary. Important discrepancies were found on who is responsible for recognition and diagnostic of concussion (e.g., physician, physiotherapist or coach) and its assessment and management tools.


This pilot survey highlights the lack of common knowledge about concussion diagnosis, management and treatment. A larger survey is underway to better identify specific needs of each country in the ReFORM group and offer adapted training programs.